29 november 2008

Daring Bakers: Caramel cupcakes

As you might see on blogs across the world, the November challenge for the Daring Bakers is a caramel cake by Shuna Fish Lydon. Instead of making a whole cake, I made half a batch of the recipe as mini-cupcakes instead. Stupidly, I must have had my thoughts somewhere else while baking since I ended up with a batter that contained way too much sugar and butter. Oh well, the cupcakes stillturned out OK although I don't think they had the intended texture... The caramel frosting to go with the cupcakes was a bit too sweet for me (no big surprise there!) but still, the flavor was nice. One cupcake with a small amount of frosting on it was certainly enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.

You can find the complete recipe here and the Daring Bakers' blogroll here. The hosts for the challenge: Dolores (Chronicles in Culinary Curiosity), Alex (Blondie and Brownie) and Jenny (Foray into Food).

2 kommentarer:

Gretchen Noelle sa...

Your cupcakes look delicious. TOo bad the texture wasn't to your liking. Great job.

ingegerd sa...

de blev ju jättefina!!!jag gjorde som en tårta hade inte en tanke på att göra muffins!!=)ha det gott!Och trevlig första advent!!